Privacy Policy

Privacy declaration
This Privacy Policy explains how personal data is collected and processed within RBC Group B.V. and is completely in line with the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation.

1. Privacy policy
RBC Group B.V. understands the great importance of careful use and processing of personal data. For this reason, personal data is carefully processed and secured with the General Data Protection Regulation as the starting point.
This Privacy Statement therefore clearly states:

• For what purposes we process personal data;
• How we limit the collection of personal data to the purpose for which they are processed;
• Not to pass on personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary to provide the requested services / products or when we are legally obliged to do so;
• Agreements have been made with third parties, so that they also deal with the personal data in the correct manner;
• That we have taken appropriate (security) measures to protect the personal data in an appropriate manner;
• Respect your rights and also want to point out these rights.

If you wish to contact us regarding this Privacy Statement, you can do so through the following contact details:

RBC Group B.V.
Markweg Zuid 4a-4b
4794 SN Heijningen
The Netherlands
0167 52 42 50

2. Personal data
At RBC Group B.V. personal data and / or debtor data are recorded as soon as products are taken from us. Depending on what data is required for the proper execution of the requested service / services, personal data are processed:
• (First)name(s)
• (Business email address
• (Business) phone number
• Last name
• Company details
• Company Name
• Curriculum vitae
• Function
• Date of birth
• Information about the use of our products
• Sex
• Credentials
• Age
• Motivation letter
• name and address details
• Educational attainment
• Technical measurement data of equipment, such as IP address, cookies and the surfing behavior on our website.
• Website

3. Purposes
The above data will be processed for one or more of the following purposes (depending on the purposes for which the personal data has been provided):
• To offer the possibility to order products from us;
• To process an order and to inform you about the settlement thereof;
• To inform you about offers, promotions or general information regarding the products / services of RBC Group B.V., by means of automatic e-mails or mail;
• To process (open) applications;
• To process complaints about a product / service or the company and to link back the progress and settlement thereof;
• To deliver ordered products to the address indicated by you.

4. Provision to third parties
The personal data provided will only be provided to third parties if this is necessary for the delivery of ordered products or service. For the transportation of our products use is made of external parties, which take care of the delivery of products.
Clear agreements (by means of an agreement) are concluded with third parties, with which we share the personal data. The personal data will be deleted if it is no longer used. The data will not be provided to parties if this is not necessary or legally required.
5. Secure and store

We take appropriate (security) measures to minimize misuse and unauthorized access to personal data. Only the necessary persons have access to the data. We do not store the data longer than necessary or are legally permitted.

6. Rights
Within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation you are entitled to inspect, rectify or delete the personal data and you can also object to the processing of the personal data. The data can be transferred to external parties at your request.

7. Authority Personal Data
If you have complaints or concerns about the processing of personal data, you can always contact us. On the basis of the Privacy Act you can also submit a complaint to the privacy regulator, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

RBC Group B.V.
Markweg Zuid 4a-4b
4794 SN Heijningen
The Netherlands
0167 52 42 50